Apple HomePod First Impressions

Just this last week apple released the HomePod, can it really outshine our current line up of smart assistants? Apple has been working on this smart speaker fro some time now and what is, it’s Siri built in and paired up with your iPhone or iPad and your internet connection all in a speaker. So far at release The HomePod is in theory going to unit all your smart home devices. What I can say so far is the sound is impressive, the microphones it has help orient the sound to where you need to hear it. feature wise it is somewhat lacking compared to Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home. One of the feature I wish it has is for example for the smart lights or plugs you will need an iPad you leave at home along with the Apple HomePod in order to control them. With Alexa or Google Home all you need is to set up the Hub that comes with the smart devices. Most of the lacking features Apple just needs to push software updates to enable them. One of the common issues at the moment is the struggle to pair it with the iPhoneX the solution at the moment is paring it with an older iPhone. The HomePod has a closed system at them moment where you are forced to the apple music subscription. You can not use Spotify or Google Music or youtube like with the Google Home or Alexa. The quality is up their worth the price tag but not the functions you can get more functionality from the other smart speakers. I feel in a way Apple should have waited to refine the HomePod with all the functionality out of the box. Overall I would say to hold off on buying the HomePod until these features gets released or until HomePod 2 comes out.